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It all starts with a bloodcurdling scream in the night. Just a short time earlier, teenagers Frank and Joe were discussing their upcoming double date with the Litzner twins. Now Frank is dead and Joe has no idea why. Even worse yet, Joe is now a suspect in Frank’s mysterious death.

What Sheriff Jon Bigs doesn’t realize at first is that the scream is the start of an onslaught of attacks that will take several people in his town before it’s over, including a few who are dear to him. As he begins digging into the cause of the assaults, Sheriff Bigs must summon help from Dr. Simon Holloway, a specialist from a nearby university and Elliot Radcliffe, the local exterminator he has hated for years. But will the sheriff and his men be able to stop the attacks before the horror spreads and it is too late for more innocent victims?

Heebie Jeebies shares a skin-crawling tale of terror as screams resonate throughout neighborhoods while a local sheriff desperately attempts to stop a series of shocking attacks.


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